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February 10, 2006



The only footwear to be seen wearing in New York these days is Athleisure, a brand new contradiction in terms for footwear. This doesn't just encourage us to be sedentary, it tells us we can now look good while doing so. Why take those 3 mile hikes every weekend when you can just look like you do? All we need to do is indulge in a pair of shoes that aren’t even supposed to be used in an active lifestyle, and the irony is that we not only adopt the look of a lifestyle we don’t follow, we then invent the word to describe it.

Love the blog. Feel free to delete my ramblings.


my husband can´t tour in long pants during hot weather. i disagree that one needs to fit in - other things give you away as a tourist. people should stop thinking tourist is a shameful word.

the africans here are often in their native garb, but we visiting americans cannot wear shorts...

i know it is custom for men to wear long pants in many places, hot places like mexico. i don't see how they can stand it in 90 degree weather, on their vacation.

i got a rash of prickly heat here just in high 70s weather, on my legs, from wearing skinny jeans and leggings.

also, the people in their twenties do wear shorts here, long surfer shorts.

this is one of my pet peeves....WE SHOULD feel comfortable wearing shorts in hot weather on our own vacation. whatzup, we need to buy a whole new europe fit-in-wardrobe and be uncomfortable, also risking heat rash, as i contracted....

however, i did love lisbo, every second of it almost.

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